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One-Way data transfer for 

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Strictly hardware, so it’s extremely secure

Capable of handling high data loads

Fox-IT in a nutshell

Fox-IT aims to remain the most reliable partner in cybersecurity. We offer a comprehensive range of advanced security services and security technologies. We can help you draw up a cybersecurity strategy that’s right for your organisation and work with you to identify the risks and deal with threats. In other words: everything you need to prepare your organisation to face even the most advanced attacks.

Key features of the Fox DataDiode

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The DataDiode Explained in 5 Simple Steps

Forces one-way data traffic

Enables lightning-fast data transfers

Get things done, fast! Transfer large datasets in milliseconds over our 1-10Gbps network.

Prevent data leaks and stop malicious actors from accessing your assets without compromising usability.

Has the highest certifications

Independent experts have awarded us the highest certifications, like CC EAL7+ and NATO (TOP SECRET & Green scheme).

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The Fox DataDiode

It’s the highest-certified IT security product in the world. Our hardware DataDiode is capable of bridging the seemingly impossible in a single product: strict security and high accessibility. It guarantees one-way data transfers in real-time over a lightning-fast 1-10Gbps data connection. The best part? It’s low-maintenance and has a low TCO. Get ready to cut down on your various attack vectors and start using a product awarded with the prestigious Common Criteria EAL7+ and NATO (TOP SECRET & Green scheme) certificates today.

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The DataDiode Explained in 5 Simple Steps

Makes your systems safer

Safe from sanctions

Reduce numerous attack vectors, like air gaps, firewalls and software data diodes down to a single physical vector.

The Netherlands is an independent, trusted trading partner with close ties to most countries around the world.

Lowers your TCO

The total cost of ownership is lower due to ease of use and less need for maintenance or constant security upgrades.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Fox DataDiode work?

What are the primary use cases?

Which transfer speeds are supported?

The Fox DataDiode works by forcing a fibre optic cable to use only a single strand, turning a proverbial two-lane road into a one-way road. It breaks the TCP/IP protocols, but this is resolved safely via proxy servers. 

Protecting digital data and assets. The latter being critical systems used in manufacturing or utility plants.

The Fox DataDiode is available in two varieties: a 1Gbps and a 10 Gbps version.

Can I trade in my current data diode from another supplier?

How much does a Fox DataDiode cost?

Why is a CC EAL7+ certification significant?

Yes, please contact us.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Common Criteria EAL7+ is a coveted certification within our industry. That’s because it’s the highest certification possible. It guarantees the advertised security features and is supplemented by strict manufacturing, handling and shipping procedures.

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